The idea

The whole thing originates from a childhood dream, i.e. a love for animals, nature and tradition. It all starts with a small wooden farm, Ramon's dreams and his big projects for the future. Today, that small wooden farm has been turned into Il Colmetto!

Il Colmetto, an agricultural oasis prodigal with meat, milk, goat's cheese, fruit & veg, wine and wood. 

Why do we like using the term "agricultural oasis"?

Because Il Colmetto is not simply a farm, but an authentic oasis, a heaven that nourishes the land, its fruits and its animals to dress up the table.

At the heart of Il Colmetto are the people who, led by a burning passion and their love for the land and for nature, will welcome you and guide you through a relaxed and congenial atmosphere, through a philosophy of life and a journey in direct contact with the farm's raw produce.



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