Our goat's cheese is made exclusively with milk from our own goats. The cheese is made entirely in our dairy facility, by hand and with love.

Why goat's cheese?


  • Because it is delicious;
  • Because goat's cheese is easy to digest thanks to the presence of tiny fat molecules and a lower casein content;
  • Because goat's cheese is perfect for those who have health problems and those who want to keep fit;
  • Because goat's cheese is perfectly suitable for those who are intolerant to lactose. Not because it does not contain lactose (actually, it does), but because it has less casein, which makes it easier for the body to assimilate it.

Soft goat's cheese


A wrap-around flavour.

Like in a hug, our senses and palate are stimulated and wrapped in a hint of herbs, wild chicory and radicchio, blending into an intense creaminess with lingering vanilla notes.


East meets West.

Mild and delicate, barely scented, stimulating in the sober exuberance of an acidity that blends Bulgarian yoghurt and oriental kefir, folding into boundless sweetness and smoothness.

Fresh Stracchino

End-of-summer memories.

Sweet and creamy, delicate and comforting among hints of boiled milk and melted butter, pleasantly redolent of wild berries picked at the end of summer, seasoned with light citrus notes and the pervading smell of grass cut just before the autumn.

Fresh Tomino

Sober yet elegant.

Brimming with comforting sweetness, redolent of faint lactic aromas and grassy undertones enhanced and amplified by a touch of acidity, offering us this elegant and very delicate sensory bouquet.

Mature goat's cheese

Goat's blue cheese

From raw milk to the autumn forest.

A sweet roundness of flavours blended in total harmony, pervaded by the powerful waft of an autumn forest, of dry mushrooms and moist fallen leaves, and by the warmth of unobtrusive spicy notes that enhance the initial sweetness and highlight the nuanced animal note.


Three bites should suffice... or maybe not?

The first bite takes you to a rolling meadow, among hints of freshly-mown hay.
The second immerses you in the enveloping sweet notes of the warm sugary milk of long-ago breakfasts.
The last one is faintly reminiscent of the walks among the citrus orchards by the Lake, a pleasant background acidity that readies your palate for new emotions.


A treasure hunt.

After stepping into the heady musty smell of a damp cave, we come across its sweet and creamy heart, seasoned by a hint of sourness which stimulates salivation, and we give in to the temptation of aromas that, ranging from toasted butter to autumn hay to the buried truffle, excite and delight the palate.

Mature goat's cheese

A velvety feeling.

Wrapped in a mild and soft velvety exterior lies a rich, sweet, melting heart that treats the palate to the yeasty aromatic emotions of freshly baked croissants, where the delicate goaty flavour blends into the lactic notes.

El bruno

A coming of age.

Leaving behind its youthful acidity, it shamelessly treats our palate to the tantalizing notes of roasted hazelnuts, toasted bread and mountain hay while, thanks to its extraordinary solubility, notes of aromatic tobaccos rise above the original goaty flavour.

Mature robiola

Meadows and pastures.

An explosion of grassy aromas, of white and pink bloom clover, of freshly-cut sunny dandelions that combine with faint yeasty notes and soak in the sweet and sour caramel of baked onions.

Mature semi-hard goat's cheese

A goat's cheese from the Po Valley.

Between the sweet aroma of caramel made on the stove and that of boiled milk, a delicate sour note reveals the goaty nature, while the grassy scent of certain grass species can be traced back to its local origins.

Goat's Yoghurt

Thick Yoghurt

Different flavours depending on the season;

Drinking Yoghurt

Different flavours depending on the season;

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