Locally grown fruit and veg

Our fruit and veg are seasonal and locally grown in our land and greenhouses. 

The difference between the greens bought in the supermarket and the greens grown at Il Colmetto is truly enormous and the fruit of care, common sense and ancestral practices meeting today's scientific developments.

You may want to ask us: is your produce ORGANIC?

It is not a label or a sticker that makes the difference, but the way we understand and approach vegetable growing: how, when and what we grow, caring for the environment which gives us the food we put on the table. If you don't believe us, come and see our land for yourself, have a look at the greenhouses, try our produce!

What do we grow?

Leaf and fruit vegetables, like courgettes, carrots, tomatoes, peppers, purple potatoes, pumpkins and much more.

We follow the seasons and care for the local environment... 

... which means that you will not find mangos, avocados or any other exotic fruit at Il Colmetto. Everything we grow here belongs to our local tradition. 

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