Our salamis

Our range includes a number of products made with beef, goat and donkey meat: salamis and prime cuts for the discerning palate. 

Come and try our salamis and cacciatorini or hunter's salami, our bresaola ─standard or smoked─, not to mention our slinzega, an extra-dry and super tasty bresaola, all made with the meat from our Romagnolo donkeys.

What about the meat cuts?
Tenderloin, filet, stew chunks, fantastic burgers, finger-licking fresh sausages and mouth-watering lucanica (or luganega sausage). 

The meat in our cacciatorino salami comes from our wonderful Saanen goats. The Violino ─cured piece of meat comprising the thigh and shoulder of the goat─ will be coming soon.

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