The location

Our farm started in Rodengo Saiano, a small town in Franciacorta between Castegnato and Gussago. The farm stretches over a number of estates that provide space for our vineyards (in Gussago and Cellatica), woods and pastures (in Brione, Ome and Pezzoro), and orchards (in Gussago and Brione). 


Our vineyards are in Cellatica.

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In Brione, we have vineyards and orchards where we grow apples, plums, apricots, peaches, almonds, chestnuts, olives and pumpkins. Here, our Romagnolo donkeys and Hereford cattle go on their "winter camp". 


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The grazing pastures for our donkeys and beef cattle are in Ome.
We pay particular attention to animal welfare and the environment; this is why we operate a "closed loop" system. 

But... what is that?

It is a sort of symbiosis between our animals and our crops: everything is homemade, even the hay! By doing so, we always know what our animals are eating!

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Our Romagnolo donkeys spend the summer, from March to October, in Pezzoro, a village situated in the High Trompia Valley, at more than 1000 metres of altitude.


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